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Our mission is to provide education, support and advocacy to families and individuals with epilepsy in the greater NC Triangle area.

Funding is provided by member contributions, donations from the general public, gifts, corporate sponsors and grants from other organizations. Financially, we will seek the support of several large corporations and institutions that have expressed interest in supporting us.  We will never charge families or individuals for our services.


Local NC Scholarship

 Epilepsy Reach + TNCE

TNCE is partnering with Epilepsy Reach (Charlotte NC) to provide a local North Carolina Scholarship for High School Seniors and College Students with epilepsy. To honor and in remembrance of those in our support group who have passed on, we encourage donors to help us provide this scholarship to those with epilepsy.


For more information on how to apply, deadlines and requirements please click HERE.

100% of the donations will go to scholarship winners and are tax deductible. Please click on the purple DONATE button to support this great cause and help us spread the word!

CONGRATULATIONS to this years 2023 winners!

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NC Epilepsy Awaresness Day

Guest Speakers: Hear from the experts


Mark your Calendars for the 1st weekend in November

Details will be provided at a later time.

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