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Once a month on the third Tuesday of the month @ Brooks Avenue Church of Christ in Raleigh 

To get more information when our meetings are being held, please email us.  Contact information below.  

At a meeting you can expect compassion and understanding of what you are going through, a connection with other parents/caregivers/individuals, and sharing and learning from each other in a confidential atmosphere.  

Each month we will have speakers and/or group discussions about support, advocacy and education.  

We are open to suggestions on topics, areas of interest and format. 

All feedback is welcome to be able to provide our families a supportive community.  




We provide 2 Family Social Events (January and June), Service Project, Kid's socials, Adult Socials, Seizure Trainings, Educational Opportunities, Partnering with Other Non-Profit Organizations and more.  Please join our email list to stay caught up on our socials and events. 

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